Thank God INTERNET is here …

29 11 2008

We all have our little treasures and we would do anything to keep them with us. We all something that is completely part of us and you wouldn’t go a single day without it.

Well for me its The Internet. I’ve used The Internet for like 6 years now and I’ve grown so fond of it.

At College we do Science experiments every week and for every experiment, you must write a report for it. In order to write one, you must do lots of Research about the Experiment and also cite a number of references.

To do that you have to go to the Library and look for books that have similar experiments and read the theory behind them.

Now Getting 1 Book in over 1000 books is one Hell of Trouble. Yes you can use a Catalogue but that too isn’t perfect. and most Catalogues in Library’s don’t have some books that you need.

Then you also have to know the exact book you need before you use a Catalogue and since you don’t, then a Catalogue becomes useless. You have to check lots of Books before you can get what you want.

But there is one place where all that trouble is avoided… and that’s The Internet.

With a Good Search Engine and the right search terms, you are saved all the trouble of looking through dozens of books and getting frustrated at the end.

The Internet is this huge library where you can get virtually anything you ever wished. Sometimes i get the exact experiments we did and all i need to do i follow the procedure and in no time i will understand everything.

if the Report needs to be typed and i have no device to save on, the Internet is the best other option. When on the Internet i can access the Report from any computer in the world that is connected to the Internet.

On the Internet, my Report is safe and chances of loss or damage and very low. Unlike storage devices where if the device gets destroyed, all your work is gone and you must redo everything again!!

The Internet is like my Backup store where i can get to backup all my information because you never know what might happen. Disaster can strike at anytime you know.

With the Internet, some lecturers are able to send us notes via Email so we don’t have to go through the trouble of manually writing down notes. which can be quite troubling and exhausting too.

If there is one thing that i would Honor for my success at College, then that would be the Internet and my parents of course. The Internet has enabled learn way much more than i would learn from books and other materials.


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